Buying/selling A Business



Why Invest in Florida

Florida is a multi-cultural state influenced, among others, by Southern culture in the north and parts of rural Central Florida; Hispanic in Southern and Central Florida; Native Americans in South Florida and the Florida Keys; and African American throughout most of all regions of the state.

With over 20,000,000 inhabitants, Florida surpassed the population of the State of New York in 2014 to become the 3rd most populous state of the union. It has experienced a dramatic growth when we consider its population was less than a million just 100 years ago.

Generally speaking, Florida’s overall economy in 2015 expanded at a rate of 3.1%, faster than in 2014 and exceeding that of the national rate of 2.4%, making Florida the seventh fastest growing economy in the United States. The three largest private industries in Florida are Finance and Real Estate; Professional and Business Services; and Education and Health Services, which, together account for $355 billion or 50.9% of Florida’s entire private sector.

Florida’s 3.2% job growth ranked third among all states of the union closely behind Oregon’s 3.4% and Utah’s 3.2%. There are now 8.3 million people employed in the state, the highest in Florida’s history. Compared to the 1.7% national growth, Florida job growth almost double that of the national average.

A 2013 Gallup poll indicated that almost half of its residents agreed that Florida was the best state to live in.

If you are a Floridian, invest in your state, or if you are from other state or you are a foreigner in search of a Visa, come down to Florida and let the Florida Business Brokers Team find a business for you that will fit your needs and your budget.




If you are considering selling your business you will probably want to sell it at the highest possible price and in the least amount of time. However, in order to meet that goal you must reach a reasonable balance between one parameter and the other since, normally speaking, the higher the price, the longest the time to sell the business.


Normally, the selling process timetable could flow like this:


1. Sign an agreement with a Business Broker.
2. Provide the Business Broker with the requested information in order to determine a reasonable valuation of the business and have the pertinent and required information to prepare the listing in the BBF database.
3. Be available to meet with prospective Buyers when submitted by the Listing Broker.
4. Be willing to negotiate with the prospective Buyer.
5. Close the deal.
6. Have available all pertinent and necessary information that Buyer may need for the Due Diligence Process.
7. Close the Sale.


Looks easy, but to be successful, requires great dedication, effort and patience and that’s precisely what our Team does at Florida’s Business Brokers Team.


Call us, we are ready.